Want something custom? An Animal, Cryptid, Person or Place?

Accepting commissions for custom design work. I will, with a minimum order,

make  you a design and  video/ animation. For Animals in general look at the Extinction

line for a basic template for designs and media. Want to commemorate a place and tell it's story. I got you! Have person you'd like to highlight? Lets tell their story! I can craft you a unique design for apparel and prints. That will set you apart and give you a unique sales tool that your customers will always remember.

Do you want to know more about Augmented Reality?

Need content for your AR experience?

You have come to the right place.

We offer solutions that funnel customers to a purchase with Experience Marketing and Augmented Reality content and apps that boost sales, marketing, retail, PR, entertainment and social media campaigns.

Augment my Content

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Julian Meyer: Owner, Art Direction, Graphic Design,

AR Content Design and Implementation.

All Art and Design by Julian Meyer

San Francisco, California

United States