Transparent Mutant Frogs Found in Russia

June 30, 2016

Scientists in Russia have discovered dozens of bizarre frogs which became transparent due to a mutation brought upon by industrial pollution.


A total of forty monstrous creatures were found and some had skin that was so clear that researchers could easily observe not only their internal organs but their still-beating hearts!


Eerily, the unfortunate frogs also sport jet black eyes which give them an almost alien appearance.

The cause of the unsettling condition, they theorize, is the highly polluted area where the frogs were found and the fact that the amphibians' eggs had no protection from the contamination in the environment.


As such, they suspect that chemicals in the water caused the frogs to mutate and lose their skin pigmentation. 

Further tests are scheduled to be done on the animals in order to determine the precise factors which created their unnerving appearance.


That said, the location of the frogs' discovery once had lakes that turned bright orange from chemical spills, so we suspect that their pollution hypothesis will likely prove to be correct.



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