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I always loved the creepy and weird, maybe that why I latched onto art. Taking home stacks of books at my local library during the summer about Sasquatch, The underwater camera photos of Nessi, The Philadelphia Experiment. Then movie monsters! I poured over these like a jackel who found an oasis. I lapped it up. This was an age before google images, every black and white or blurry photograph was absolute gold. Several years later I knew I wanted to draw.


Cryptidzoo is the result of a hobby run amuck. I wanted to start my 1st T-shirt company in High School, then did ok with another one during college. But in college I studied traditional animation. I left the graphic tee’s behind and went with animation. Years late I wanted to have another go at the Graphic Tee. Mainly I wanted to finish a project in a night not over a protracted period. So I learned to Screen Print, it was fun. Tabling at Cons here and there, an art market now and then.


One day reading an article about Augmented Reality I had a fun idea to apply to one of my designs. I tried it, it worked, it… was amazing. What was born is the Cryptidzoo. It’s fun and novel approach to my art that brings all my skills full circle in a package I never could have dreamed of. Thank you for getting this far. I truly appreciate it.